Payment Options:


Online, telephone banking or in-branch at most chartered banks:


Set Collect Com Credit or Collect Com Credit Quebec up as a bill payment using your CCC Reference # as your account number.  Please add zeros if it states the account number is too short.


Direct Deposit:


Deposit funds in eitherour TD or RBC account at any location. 


TD Canada Trust – Transit # 0327, Account # 521-113-5


RBC – Transit 3012, Account # 103-676-3              


**IMPORTANT:Fax a copy of your receipt, clearly identifying your CCC Ref# to allow us to locate your payment and credit your file at 1-877-916-9163 or 416-916-9163.


In person at our office:

5900 Finch Avenue East, Suite 101, Toronto, ON. M1B 5P8

Phone: 416-916-9162 or 1-866-916-9162

Fax: 416-916-9193 or 1-877-916-9163


Western Union:

Locate a Western Union location

PAYABLE TO: Collect Com Credit Inc


ACCT: your CCC Reference #


Pre-Authorized Payment:

-          Fax in a copy of a VOID cheque or your bank account information confirmed by your bank with      a bank stamp.

-          Include a letter of authorization along with the VOID cheque stating the amount and date of payment, your CCC Reference # and your authorizing signature. 

-          Recurring payments can only be made on one of the following dates: 8th, 15th, 20th or 28th of the month.


IMPORTANT:  for us to locate your payment and credit your file, please ensure you notify us of your payment and ensure you include your CCC Reference #.